Our range of propane powered gas tools are designed to suit the DIY/home handyman who needs a quick and easy solution for their heating/soldering needs. 

There are three kits available, the Full Flame Burner Kit and the Pinpoint Flame Burner Kit. The Pinpoint Flame Burner Kit also includes a Fantail Attachment, perfect for a wider distribution of heat when tackling jobs like paint removal and flooring.

The third kit is supplied with a Cyclone Burner which is ideal for the soldering and brazing of pipes.

These burner kits will cover a wide variety of jobs including heating, soldering, and brazing and are a great addition to any shed or handyman tool box.

Running exclusively on a disposable propane cartridge, these kits are ideal for the infrequent user who wishes to be able to tackle a range of heating, soldering or brazing jobs around the home or small workshop.

Propane reaches a temperature in air of 1900°C which enables you to do more demanding jobs like brazing.