Turbo Blow Torch Kit

Turbo Blow Torch Kit

SKU: 211067

Using the readily available, high performance TF/ULTRA GAS™ cartridges, this kit meets the performance and reliability standards of the trade professional. Preferred over propane due to it's faster heat transfer, these kits offer high performance and quality execution of any brazing, soldering or heating jobs.


  • Ergonomic handle design for precise operation
  • Continuous on/off switch
  • Adjustable flame with on/off control
  • Fully functional flame even when inverted
  • Solders 3.18 - 76 mm (1/8 - 3”) copper pipe
  • Brazes 1.5 - 25.4 mm (1/16 - 1”) copper pipe



Consumption: 240 g/hr
Burning time: 100 min
Flame length: 120 mm
Effect: 3.3 kW