Father's Day Gift Guide Camping Gifts

Gifts for the Outdoor Dad!

If your Dad is an avid camper? Check out these must have camping accessories, suitable for quick trips, long adventures, outback camping & cooking and even high altitude solutions! 

  • Plasma Arc Lighter is the ideal survival tool! This little fire-starter is lightweight and small enough to fit in your packet! The other great feature is it has a long battery life and is rechargeable so doesn't require any additional gas bottles! 
  • The Weed Burner's primary use may be to kill weeds at their cells, but did you know this double as a fire-starter? The long-reach burner allows you to start a campfire/firepit with high power and without getting too close! 
  • The Pro Heat Butane Blow Torch is a great camping tool used to a campfire/firepit and takes up minimal space in your set up! 
  • What's a camping trip without campfire-cooked food? These Heat Resistant Gloves are heat resistant up to 800°C and have a long cuff to protect your wrists.