240V Dual Power Soldering Gun

240V Dual Power Soldering Gun

SKU: 212023

The 240V Dual Power Soldering Gun is great for light to medium soldering jobs. The boost function is ideal for various jobs such as rope cutting or foam cutting where an instant surge of heat is required. A great addition to any tool box.


  • Dual Wattage 30W with 100W boost trigger
  • Cushion grip handle
  • Power on LED indicator
  • Interchangeable tips included, ideal for medium duty soldering, rope cutting, foam cutting and smoothing


  • Dual Power Soldering Iron Gun
  • Chisel soldering tip
  • Conical soldering tip
  • Rope cutting tip
  • Foam cutting tip
  • Smoothing tip
  • Metal soldering iron stand


Power Source: 340V AC mains
Output: 30W
Trigger Boost Power: 100w
Power Cable Length: 1.8 m