Fitted Twin Gas Hoses

SKU: 228345

The Tradeflame Fitted OXY/ACET and OXY/LPG Twin Gas Hoses are supplied with the correct fittings to be used in conjunction with Tradeflame regulators, flashback arrestors and blowpipe handles.


  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • 5 mm ID reinforced rubber gas hose
  • Manufactured to Australian Standard AS1335
  • High quality brass fittings with left and right threaded to ensure correct connection with colour coded hose
Part no. 228345 228356

Oxygen Blue / Acetylene Red

Oxygen Blue / LPG Orange
Length 5 m 5 m
Diameter (ID) 5 mm 5 mm
Fittings 5/8” 18UN to 5/8” left & right threads 5/8” 18UN to 5/8” left & right threads
Hose Type Twin Twin