Manganese/Bronze Brazing Rods

Manganese/Bronze Brazing Rods

SKU: 228456

Manganese Bronze Brazing Rods are self-fluxing and recommended for the brazing of steel, cast iron and malleable iron. They are not recommended for the joining of copper pipes which carry hot water or sea water.


  • Flux coated
  • Brazing of steels and cast or malleable irons
  • Not to be used for copper pipes in hot water systems
  • Blue flux colour to easily identify
  • Pack of 10 rods

Colour: Blue
Diameter: 2.5 mm
Length: 400 mm
Composition: RBCUZN-C
Use: Gas brazing / welding only 
Working Temp: 910-955°C, 1670-1751°F
Melting Range: 866-888°C, 1590-1630°F