Micro Soldering Torch Kit - 10 in 1

Micro Soldering Torch Kit - 10 in 1

SKU: 211245

The Micro Soldering Torch Kit has been designed to ensure the handyman or tradesman has everything needed to undertake jobs such as soldering, workshop repairs, electronic repairs, jewellery and even small automotive jobs.


  • Hot air function
  • Gas on/off switch with lock
  • NEW continuous flame switch
  • NEW flame off button
  • Improved piezo auto ignition trigger
  • Integrated folding stand
  • Used in conjunction with Butane Cartridges 2312 (60g) and 2323 (220g)


  • Refillable torch
  • Chisel tip, fine soldering tip, flat tip, conical tip, large soldering tip, knife tip
  • Heat shrink assembly
  • Protective cover
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Solder
  • Storage case


Consumption: 6.63 g/hr
Fuel storage size: 10 g
Burning time: 90 min
Flame length: 35 mm
Effect: 0.07 kW