Our range of butane gas tools have been designed to suit a wide range of DIY and light trade applications including heating, soldering, electronic repairs, auto repairs, arts, crafts and cooking.

These small fully portable appliances provide freedom and flexibility to operate in almost any situation where a heating tool is required, without the need of an external power source or power leads.

This range runs exclusively on butane gas which is low cost and very economical to buy replacement cartridges or refill gas when compared to propane or TF/ULTRA GAS™ Performance Gas - MAPP® Replacement Gas.

Most tools feature auto ignition, adjustable flame and safety lock switches.

Butane is widely used in camping, industrial and culinary applications. The use of butane with these torches and soldering irons enables a wide variety of jobs to be accomplished.

Butane reaches a temperature in air of 1760°C, making this range an ideal choice for the DIY user where heating or soldering is required.