About Us

Originating in Sweden and widely distributed under the Primus Handyman brand, Tradeflame has been supplying heating tools to the professional and DIY user in Australia for over 40 years.

Today, the Tradeflame range continues the traditional Primus Handyman design while working with the latest innovations in gas tools. From general purpose handyman kits to pinpoint burners for the trade specialist, there’s a Tradeflame gas tool to fit every heating and welding application.

From butane powered soldering kits for the home hobbyist right through to our TF/ULTRA GAS™ powered blow torch kits for the professional tradesperson, there’s a Tradeflame kit that’s right for you.

With three different fuel types to choose from, our kits are designed to ensure you get the right power and performance for your job. The flexibility of these kits is endless – from a simple heat solution through to soldering, brazing and welding where knowledge of metals and temperatures is required.


Our range of TF/ULTRA GAS™ powered tools have been designed specifically to meet the performance and reliability standards of the trade professional.

The torches included in these kits are high performance cyclone burners that maximise the power and heating speed that standard flame burners are unable to produce.  Cyclone burners are particularly useful for tradespeople working primarily with pipes as the entire work area is heated quickly, rather than just a single point.

Robust and portable, these kits will bring a professional edge to all heating, soldering and brazing jobs.


Our range of propane powered gas tools are designed to suit the DIY home handyman who needs a quick and easy solution for their heating or soldering needs.

These kits will cover a wide variety of jobs including heating, soldering, and brazing and are a great addition to any shed or handyman tool box.

Running exclusively on a disposable propane cartridge, these kits are ideal for the infrequent user who wishes to be able to tackle a range of heating, soldering or brazing jobs around the home or small workshop.


Our range of butane powered gas tools have been designed to suit a wide range of DIY and light trade applications including heating, soldering, electronic repairs, auto repairs, arts, crafts and cooking.

These small fully portable appliances provide freedom and flexibility to operate in almost any situation where a heating tool is required, without the need of an external power source or power leads. This range runs exclusively on butane gas which is low cost and readily available.

Butane is widely used in camping, industrial and culinary applications. The use of butane with these torches and soldering irons enables a wide variety of jobs to be accomplished.


Our range of propane powered gas tools are designed to suit both the DIY home handyman and trade professionals.

With a variety of burners, hoses, handles and accessories available, this range is designed to interconnect and suit most work environments for a variety of heating, soldering and brazing jobs.


The Tradeflame Professional Series has been designed for the varying requirements of brazing, soldering and heating applications, with a range of high-quality interchangeable burners, extensions, handles and regulators.


Available in both cordless and corded models, the Tradeflame range of electric soldering irons suits anyone from the DIY user to the trade professional. Hard wired models with 1.8m power leads and dual power switches give you great flexibility, while our 12V DC and battery-operated models allow you to solder just about anywhere.


The Tradeflame Gas Welding range has been designed for the fabricator, tradesman and serious DIY hobbyist. The extensive range includes gas kits, regulators and accessories designed for light to medium duty gas cutting, welding and heating applications, using oxygen/acetylene and oxygen/LPG.

Designed to provide the highest quality and comply with stringent Australian standards, the Gas Welding range provides reliable performance, basic functionality, ease of operation and portability to the trade, contractor and DIY user.