Weed Removal

Most gardens require a level of weed removal. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to remove weeds that doesn’t require you spending your whole Saturday on your knees ripping them out one by one at the roots, then we have some great solutions!

Benefits of environmentally friendly options

•Safe for use if you have pets and kids (keep them clear of the operational vicinity of course!) - many weed killers are liquids or powders that you spread or spray, leaving behind poisonous residue that could be ingested by pets and children.
•No nasty run-off of poisonous chemical residue into drains and waterways.
•No chance of getting dangerous chemicals on skin causing irritation, especially if you have allergies!

Weed Burner

•Connects to a 400g Propane cartridge (lightweight)
•870 mm long reach burner so you can stay standing or get into hard-to-reach places
•Piezo ignition (automatic ignition with the click of a button)
•Flame control
•Easy to use
•Suitable for domestic use

Inferno Burner

•Connects to an LPG Propane gas bottle
•50 mm burner
•560 mm long reach, angled neck tube for comfortable use
•Piezo ignition (automatic ignition with the click of a button)
•Flame control & pilot light
•For domestic and commercial use (this is a high-powered product)