Ultima Blow Torch & Interchangeable Tips

SKU: 219012

The Ultima blow torch provides everything a tradesman, craftsman or discerning home handyman requires. With many unique features it’s the most advanced blowtorch for brazing, soft soldering heat shrinking or dismantling work.


  • Powerful and efficient torch system
  • Super cyclone burner with increased tip diameter
  • Full function flame even when inverted
  • Easily interchangeable burners (sold separately)
  • High performance piezo
  • Auto start/stop ignition trigger prevents gas wastage
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle
  • Adjustable flame control knob
  • Optimised trigger lock



  • Included with Ultima Blow Torch



  • Sold separately
  • For use with Ultima Blow Torch only 
  • Converts the Ultima Blow Torch into a more precise tool for smaller soldering and heating jobs


Cyclone Burner  Pinpoint Burner
Gas Consumption 240 g/h 45 g/h
Burning Time 100 min 533 min
Flame Length 120 mm 40 mm
Effects 3.3 kW 0.62 kW

(Copper Pipe)

3.18 mm - 76 mm 
1/8" - 3"

Max Pipe: 6 mm

(Copper Pipe)

1.5 mm - 25.4 mm
1/16" - 1"